Our resource sheets are intended as simple ideas and prompts for you to use in your home (or perhaps another setting). They are not intended for use in a ‘prescriptive’ manner. They are to help you to consider elements and aspects which might benefit yourself, or your children.

At the beginning of the sheets you might find some aims of the activities. This is to let you know if the resource might be helpful for you. We use some basic concepts and terminology relating to sensory processing and emotional regulation. This is so you can become empowered with knowledge which might be of benefit, without being bogged down or overloaded by this.

In order for us to regulate others, we first need to be able to regulate ourselves. This is why there is a section on considering your own regulation. We would encourage you to use this as well as the resources that might help you with ideas for others.

Please check back, as we do update our resources on an ongoing basis.