Assessment, Treatment
and Intervention

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Winnie Dunn


Our assessment process is personalised to the specific aims and needs of each individual referral. We use a holistic approach, drawing from our skills and knowledge in a broad range of Occupational Therapy frameworks. Assessment may be required as a standalone, or a support element to existing therapeutic work.

We accept self-referrals, and referrals from Parents, Schools, Local Authorities, and wider Professionals. Fostering or Adoption specific referrals must be received from the commissioning Social Work Department.

Assessment approaches may include the following;

  • Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing assessments, including a combination of standardised measures and observations.
  • Sensory Attachment Intervention assessments, based on profiling and interviews initially, followed by direct assessment and observation​.
  • Functional Assessments for specific daily occupations, including the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS).
  • Eating and Mealtime observations​
  • Attachment-Informed Assessments including the Child Attachment & Play Assessment (CAPA), Marschak Interaction Method (MIM), Video Interactive Guidance (VIG)

Assessments may take place across a variety of settings; in the home, school, or other relevant location.

Sometimes with complex cases it is more appropriate to complete assessments indirectly, to reduce crowding of Professionals and services. The circumstances of each individual case will be considered at the point of accepting each referral.

Feedback from the assessments will be provided to all Key Adults and relevant Professionals involved. This might be using video footage and using written materials to support ongoing recommendations.

Treatment and Intervention

We offer a variety of treatment and intervention packages. These might take place in the home, nursery, school or college, or another appropriate setting.

Treatment and intervention packages may include;

  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Sensory Attachment Intervention
  •  The Just Right State (Child and Parent Protocol/ Adult Adolescent Protocol)
  • Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Feeding
  • TalkTools™ Oral Placement Therapy
  • The Listening Program®

Typically, our intervention approaches are eclectic, combining the most useful and relevant aspects of different approaches in order to meet the specific needs of the child and their Key Adults.

Intervention will be implemented in a holistic and sequential manner. This means considering which approach would be most suitable to utilise developmentally. We also consider which elements of work need to be completed with the child or young person, and which with their parents or Key Adults. Therapy sessions are usually recorded using a camera to enable analysis and review.

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