Sensory Regulation at Home: Juniper Tree Therapy Packs

sensory lightWe have used Sensory Direct equipment for a long time, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to compile our own selection of the best tools that we use for Sensory Attachment Intervention and Sensory Integration approaches in the home, in a Juniper Tree Therapy Pack. It’s important to us that you know that these are our ‘best picks’ which we have selected with our families in mind; we have not designed or manufactured the products, and we do not make any money from these packs. They are intended as a quick and easy way for the families (and schools!) we work with to be able to access core pieces of equipment which we recommend time and time again. All of the equipment within the pack are available from a variety of different providers in addition to Sensory Direct.

We thought it would be useful to tell you a bit about what our pack is, why we’ve done it… and how to use it!

As Occupational Therapists who specialise in Sensory Integration Therapy and Sensory Attachment Intervention, we have a huge focus on sensory and emotional regulation. Play, and shared joy and pleasure is a fundamental part of this!

Why Now?

We have all had to adapt in one way or another to the changing circumstances around Covid-19; many of our children haven’t been attending school, lots of us haven’t been working or have been working at home, we’ve had limited or no access to our communities, and our connection with our families and friends has been hugely impacted. We all continue to adjust to these ongoing changes.

We have had a big focus on using nature, regulating food and drink, and everyday household items for regulation on our Resources Pages, since the Coronavirus restrictions began. It is really important we consider our regulation as adults, alongside the regulation of our children. Therapeutic equipment and toys are so valuable, but only if we have a physically and emotionally safe environment within which we can use them, and only if we are able to understand the really important role between our regulation, our child’s regulation, and how these impact on play and connection! We want to make sure no one is ‘panic buying’ or purchasing things with valuable funds that perhaps aren’t so helpful in the long run, without considering the simplicity of how we can adapt our environment and day-to-day routines first.

Establishing predictability, safety, connection, and play opportunities for regulation at home using simple adaptations may be enough; but not always. This is when we might want to look at buying more specific equipment to incorporate within our day. Families we work with are considering how they can use therapy equipment in the immediate future, into the summer, and beyond the Coronavirus restrictions we’re currently managing.

What is the Juniper Tree Therapy Pack?

Sensory Integration and Sensory Attachment Intervention frameworks tell us that children use play to engage with the people and world around them, regardless of individual interests, motivation and needs. Your child may have Sensory Processing Difficulties, Attachment Difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyspraxia, or Gross Motor Problems – or indeed face age-related challenges which are typical for everyone. All children need opportunity to play, move and have fun at home in a way which addresses their own specific regulation needs.

The Therapy Pack can be adapted for use with most children, of different ages, sizes (different sizes are available so please do check!), abilities, interests, diagnoses, and gender. These core pieces of equipment can be adapted for use in many different ways; to help to calm down and settle to focus, or to alert and excite to explore and attend! Families we work with often say they feel that they are unsure of what equipment to buy, and we’re hopeful that this will make it easier. In buying them as a pack, you also save a little money from the full price individual cost of the items from Sensory Direct.

Please take a look at the Therapy Pack below, and most importantly stay tuned for further posts from us on hints and tips for how to use it!

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