The BBC Learn about the Scared Gang Stay at Home!

Scared Gang BBC


Éadaoin Bhreathnach spoke to the BBC last week to explain a little about ‘Staying at Home with the Scared Gang’! This is the latest Scared Gang story, written in response to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, and translated into many different languages.

We find that the Scared Gang is helpful for a range of children and young people. We use it as part of Sensory Attachment Intervention, to support Sensory Integration interventions, and other Occupational Therapy approaches.

It is brilliant to see how this latest story has been used and implemented during the current Covid-19 situation by so many different people. Please take a look at this clip (which is only a couple of minutes long) to learn a bit more about it, if you haven’t already.

Click here to link to the BBC website, or you can click here to link to the BBC website.

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