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“Emma has been a constant support, both virtually and physically, as we have continued on this journey with our daughter. She has allowed our daughter to progress and develop in her own time. Emma is very approachable and a great communicator, with both the children that she works with and their parents. She has made us see how complex our daughter is and how we can fully support her as she makes her way in the world. We are so thankful that the support and funding has been approved to allow her to continue under the care and supervision of Emma – Thank you ;)”

Hannah, Mother of O, Post-Adoption SAI Therapy Block, December 2022

“Emma is excellent, she is so knowledgeable in what she does and she has a very easy way of explaining quite a complex subject to people who have no experience in occupational therapy. All who attended the training where highly complementary of Emma, and look forward to further trainings. We all feel that we understand Sensory Attachment Intervention a little better and how important this intervention is with our children in care and foster carers”

Sarah Page, Senior Social Work Practitioner, Dublin Ireland  

“Fantastic experience – Emma has been very approachable ever since our first meeting.  Her professionalism, as well as knowledge and its application to what our sons needs has been excellent.  Sensory processing issues and sensory integration is complex but Emma has a brilliant way of getting this across in a way that is clear and understandable.”

Parents of a child assessed for Sensory Integration difficulties